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Why Is It So Far

Morning My Blog Family

I hope all is well. I cant lie to you all being consistent with my blog is my biggest challenge, so please bear with me, its an on going progress and I appreciate your patience, By his Grace it will change. Over the past few weeks I was feeling overwhelmed and I had a lot of mixed emotions especially as my body was feeling run down,by his Grace and only by his Grace I am blessed and well. I am currently writing this in church as the sermon has touched me and propelled me to write this, please I beg before anyone says Abigail was not listening in church, because I always do, I wrote it after the sermon loool.

I am a woman who finds joys in encouraging others, I channel any pain and sadness and put it in prayer, and use it to encourage others. A very good friend of mine messaged me last night and we conversed about how we were and what we currently were doing in our lives, and she said something that has dawned on my heart at times, but it was not until she said it that I used that opportunity, to turn her thinking and my thoughts into a positive word. She said “Sis sometimes you just feel like heaven has shut on you. You find out that there is no answers to anything. Its like God is silent“. My response to my friend was that you see as humans we allow our emotions to cloud everything and we think to much about the situation and hold on, we need to start to LET GO AND LET GOD into our situations, you see the problem is that you may see people around you, who may pray a small prayer and then it may be answered quicker than your own, it is not that they may have prayed better than you or that they did something extraordinary than you, oh no that is not the case at all. I have come to realise is that some of us including myself have to push more than others, you know everybody does not have same Grace on their lives and neither does everybody carry the same cross, your cross you bear is different to everyone, its funny because that same friend I spoke to last night, I know that the Grace on her life is big, whether she knows it or not. Let me be real I know every single friend of mine, whether they do something good or bad, it doesn’t shock me at all, I also know which friends of mine have a certain Grace bigger than what they expect if they don’t know already. No I am not a Prophetess (YET COS I RECIEVE THE GRACE TO BE ONE), but I pray for my friends and the more I pray for them, God reveals more to me. As for me I know friends and its not everyone I call a friend but that’s another day and another blog lol. As I was saying, some of us have to push more than others to see the Glory of God in our lives and the ones that have to push that extra mile have a bigger testimony which will not just change a person, but impact a thousand, so know that any trials, or tribulations you may go through, and you may feel life has come to a standstill, God is using that situation to bring out your biggest testimony, the testimony that will change your life forever.

My last thoughts are do not be discouraged because I truly know that God has not forsaken you, I know there is someone I am reaching out to. You may have immigration problems, and your documents are still in the home office, you may be praying for the fruit of the womb and you may feel that everyone around you is giving birth, you may feel that marriage is far from you and that the past may hinder you from the present or that you may be jobless and every angle or direction looks far from you. DO NOT LOOK ONTO MAN BUT ONLY ONTO GOD.

Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. (KJV).

There is nothing that prayer cannot do, your testimony is GREAT and its on its way. Don’t forget to praise God in the meanwhile, you may not have received it yet, but it will bring you closer to getting it.

Any enquires you may have, or questions please do not hesitate to contact me on my email address. bookoffaith@hotmail.com

Stay blessed and have a blessed day.

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