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Step 2, Let's Break It Down

Good morning AllFinally I get to write my Step 2 and how to afford an affordable wedding. Today I am going to discuss how to get a wedding dress, a few tips on it, I will also be discussing the bouquets and the different ways of how to achieve what you want.DressWhen I was deciding on which dress I was going to get, a lot of things did cross my mind, for example the style of the dress, the fitting of the dress and the most important thing, the cost. The important thing about choosing my dress was that it was a dress that I can look back in 20 years and say that it was worth it. I honestly don’t believe in spending thousands of pounds on a dress that I will wear for one day, (Always remember a wedding is for A DAY, and Marriage is for a LIFETIME.) I was able to go to  a wedding fair which opened up my mind with a lot of ideas as I was able to see prices I didn’t want to spend, but I was able to get ideas of what I wanted. I finally chose my dress and funny enough I didn’t buy it in a boutique store neither, I bought my wedding dress online. A lot of people will have their doubts on buying their wedding dresses online as they would not be sure how it may come out, but as for me I didn’t worry because I knew someone who had bought one from the same website, which helped a lot and I believe in the power of Prayer, so why would I worry. The few tips I would give on buying a dress would be.

Assess your budget (Cut your cloth according to your size, because Bella Naija Weddings and IDOGHANA will not buy your wedding dress oo, so know your pocket and don’t allow instagram to influence it. I’m just saying.)

Look at wedding dress styles, for example Mermaid, Princess, Ball gown etc.Don’t forget to also look at the length

Also don’t forget to also look at magazines, websites, Wedding fairs.

Also if you prefer to have a dress made, tailored to your style, give enough notice to your tailor, it is very important to have a consultation with your tailor so he or she can supply your needs.

There are few places I would recommend to buy your dress

The website I used was http://www.diydress.co.uk/wedding-dresses(Which I highly recommend.

Another website was http://www.jjshouse.co.uk


If you are thinking of having a bespoke tailor. The ones that I will recommend that you look at and follow on instagram would be

AloNuko (Pronounced Ah-Low-New-co)



Not to forget if you want a wedding dress from High street stores, which some are really really beautiful. I would recommend


House of Fraser


BouquetSwiftly moving on to bouquets, I chose to have my bouquet made and it was actually made by my beautiful friend Bridget (She is actually a God send) I just love her. This section is actually a testimony tbh. I was at church and it was like a month and a half before the wedding and I met Bridget through a friend at church which happened to be her aunty, we automatically hit it off and started talking and as time went on she got to know each other and we found out that day we have been neighbours for years but we never saw each other which was so weird, because I pass her street to go to work everyday. Long story cut short, we got talking and by the questions I asked her, I got to find out that she has a creative side to her which she then told me, that she has a passion for flowers, making them for decorations and bouquets, literally, I was on my knees thanking God as she volunteered to do them for me. Chale this was favour oo, like I was in awe.Me and Bridget literally sat down and talked about what colours I wanted which was important and what type of flowers I wanted. I wanted fake flowers as I suffer from hay fever and having a real bunch of flowers walking down the aisle would ruin my day.(The flowers in the previous post as the featured image are my bouquet flowers)Bridget was also able to do my bridesmaids flowers and was able to decorate it in a way which matched their dresses. The bridesmaids had real flowers which really complimented their dress.Getting the right bouquet for you

Choose the colour you want the bouquet to be

Choose whether you would want fake flowers or real flowers

It would also help if you took pictures of the type of flowers you may want whether its screenshotting picture’s online or going to flower shops to get ideas.

Last but not least checking out the prices of bouquet flowers, lets be real, they may cost a lot of money, but again I suggest choose your budget on flowers. If you do choose expensive flowers, Marks and Spencer’s are the ones I would recommend, if not do not be afraid to DIY.

Any more questions on the following topics,  or just to talk with Bridget on how she does flowers or if you would want her to do your own. Please do not hesitate to contact me onbookoffaith@hotmail.com.Enjoy your weekend and look out for Step 3 where we will discuss venue’s and much moreStay blessed xxxx

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