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Morning, Guten Tag, Bonjour, Maakye Ooo

Don’t mind me I’m just excited and guess what for no reason whatsoever loooool, actually maybe cos I am alive & kicking and of course for being BLESSED.

We’re blessed in the city, We’re blessed in the field, We’re blessed when we come and when we go We cast down every stronghold Sickness and poverty must cease For the devil is defeated .WE ARE BLESSED” (Fred Hammond- Blessed) WHOO!

Now as I am not a selfish person and I am very caring and giving, I thought why not give you all a run down of how to plan your wedding, all the tips and even scriptures on how to prepare yourself for the big day. So firstly I am sure by now , you would have had your date ready and hopefully as a bride you should have chosen your bridesmaids by now and as a groom you would have also have chosen your groomsmen. If by this stage, you haven’t, I beg ooo, make sure you choose them, and make sure they are serious about it, because I am telling you, your bond with them will be tested. HOLD UP. HOLD UP. VENUE VENUE VENUE VENUE VENUE. ITS SOOOOO IMPORTANT. SORT OUT A VENUE FIRST AND MAKE SURE YOU PAY A DEPOSIT AND THEN YOU CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT. The next thing is start looking at colour schemes, because it will eventually become a chore which you will not enjoy after a while, start looking at websites, such as pinterest which helped me a lot, trust me I will be referring to pinterest quite a lot of the time, as it managed to put my mind at rest. (Pinterest is a website, where you can get ideas and create storyboards for literally most anything and everything. Colour schemes, to wedding dresses, to flowers, you name it they got it and you can see other people’s ideas aswell.)Please make sure you make an account as its essential. I am going to put down a very important TO DO list and then I will be able guide you on step by step on where you can get most products and how you DIY. Always remember a wedding is only for a DAY and marriage is FOREVER.

(I started planning in February and my wedding was in may, i did leave it a bit late, but it was still manageable. Do not let anyone tell you how and when you have to plan your wedding, all you need to know is your timings and the type of person you are, when it come to organisation.)

Please if there is any questions or any pricing that you need to know when it comes to venues, do not hesitate to contact me, I may not be a event planner, but I know how to cut costs exceptionally.


Have a blessed day xx

To Do List


Dress Bouquet Venue Invites Food Drinks Transport Dj Host Cake Make up Bridesmaids clothing/hair/shoes Decoration Rings Favours for guests Jewellery Guestbook Videographer Pictures Bridal shoes Bridal hair Veil Change of dress Programme/order of service Flower girl outfits (if needed) Page boy outfit (if needed)


I also did a grooms men one, as I was able to help my husband remind him of the things that he also had to do. It was just a few things such as groomsmen’s suits, shoes, bowties.

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