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My Season

Morninggggg. Fine Fine Morning

Now for  you all  to understand me a little bit, I have talk about myself a little bit, I promise you wont be bored loool. I am 27 years old from South London blah blah blah. Remember those times on msn messenger and someone would ask you your asl, well that’s if your not to young to remember lol

Well I am in a season, a season of Joy, a season of Favour and a season of Grace. I’m in the season Marriage. Yesssssssssssssssssss I am getting married in 75 days. Its been a journey mi tell you that fi real (fake jamo accent). Lots of planning and talking, and planning and talking etc. I had my Ghanaian traditional wedding in November and can I just say that was very stressful, I wont even sugar coat that to you at all, I think what made it stressful was Ghanaian family members, I wont even lie to you, some of them just was too much, just up in face with all sorts and not seeing the vision, the creativity of how you want it, not to mention silly questions that were asked which had easy answers, but certain people just wanted to hear your voice just so you can say okay hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, BUT we thank God for Grace, it was a lovely day, I got a beautiful ring and a beautiful bridal bible and without God being in the midst of it all, I don’t think I would have gone through it soooo smoothly. I will share some pictures, later on.

Anyway I’m currently at working sitting down writing this, as I have completed my paperwork for the morning. whoopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and now I am going to do some research on bouquets hmmmm fun. I must admit though, I have been taking an easier ride on the wedding plans, and I am not as stressed as I was for the traditional as I have learnt a lot and that is more and MORE PRAYER for Grace to succumb that nonsense word stress, because its not my portion from 2016 onwards can I get a Amen. AMEN. A few people may feel like I am gliding but I say why stress and rush and why don’t you just take everything into prayer .”Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” Philippians 4:6. HOMOLOGIA- SPEAK THE WORD. Now just to let you know, I will be making a lot of references to the word of God, because I AM A BELIEVER, a believer of the word, I have learnt with the last year and few months, as I gave my life to Christ, that if you allow yourself to influenced by unbelievers, you wont go anyway. Once you have the word of God, your faith will grow more and more and you will get to realise more about yourself and your surroundings more. Don’t get it twisted I was in the world, like mate lets just say I was up in the world it consumed me well well ooo, but we thank God for Grace, yet again it saved me. I will sharing some personal stuff up on my blog, so don’t hesitate to ask  me any questions, I got to go now and do my bouquet research, I will write back on later God willing. Have a blessed morning and stay blessed. Mwah

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