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A Food Review On Baaye Kitchen

The Baaye Kitchen Launch Party(Name/location)The Baaye kitchen is a company which provides a food service where you can order food on Thursdays and pickups can be made on Saturdays. They also do a weekly menu change. The Baaye kitchen was founded by the lovely Yusuf sisters; Saida and Samirah. The word Baaye originates from Ghana in West Africa, The Ghanaian dialect is mostly common in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana and the term means ‘Come and Eat in’. The launch party took place in a community hall called Bolney Meadow Centre which is just off Dorset road which is near Stockwell which is in South West London.(Atmosphere/decor)As it was the first major event, it did not start on time which was expected. The event was supposed to start at 6pm and finish at 10pm, but it didn’t not start until after 7pm. However, I did love the fact that when customers came in and they were greeted with a warm smile by the co-owner Samirah and were presented with a choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. (It is always great to be given a choice). The décor was nice and simple with tables set up and a DJ present spinning the tunes on deck, which was brilliant entertainment for everyone. The tables were dressed up with white cloth and the food was presented on chafing dishes in the hallway where they were plenty of room for visitor’s to line up and queue for food. The drinks were at a separate counter where people could buy and collect their drinks. The community hall is very spacious and I would recommend the venue.(The menu/dishes)

Fried Chicken (The fried chicken had just enough coating and was nice, just wished it was a bit more spicy and crunchy)

Sweet Chilli Chicken wings (Just right)

 Lamb chops in gravy sauce (I wasn’t expecting this on the menu, but yes it was lovely and the lamb chops were a decent size)

 Fried fish (Fried well, but when I saw the fried fish I got excited and expected kenkey which was not on the menu. The fried fish was just right and it did not have a lot of bones)

Goat stew (What a stew. The stew was exquisite. What I loved about the stew was that the ingredients were just right, and there was enough pepper, not too hot and not too bland)

 Mac and cheese (I must say this mac & cheese was amazing. I love cheese and if you’re a cheese lover you would love this)

 Waakye (This is not a dish that everyone can pull off, but the Baaye Kitchen managed to and it was delicious)

Jollof Rice (You may call me bias but Ghanaian jollof rice is just the best and trust me the Baaye Kitchen made sure of that.

  Vermicelli (You can’t go wrong with Vermicelli) 1

. Salad bar (I loved the salad bar as the was a range of salad to choose from, I felt like I was in Pizza Hut)

(The ingredients/the wine/the prices)All the products were fresh and the dishes had the warmth of home-made food. The women took great care in selecting the best quality ingredients. As you entered the launch party the charge was £10 for adults and £5 for kids, which included a plate of food and a free drink. I felt that the price was very reasonable as the food was very filling and to compare to how much money you spend in an Afro-Caribbean shop and the portions they normally give, I would say I got my money’s worth.(The service/the waiters/the owner)I was served very well by the waiters, and they always made sure that enough food was on everyone’s plate which I loved. No one frowned which was excellent, everyone smiled and literally got on with. Aprons and plastic gloves were used and team pulled together. What really got me smiling was that the owners despite the pressures of them having their first event and things they thought did not go to plan, such as guests not arriving on time etc, they manage to smile all the way through and continue to greet guests and made them feel welcome.(Recommendation)The one thing that I would recommend to the Baaye Kitchen is to specialise in a dish that everyone can associate them with. Apart from that I had a pleasant dining experience with food of the most exquisite flavours. For this reason, I highly recommend if you come yourself to experience the next time they have a pop up evening, which I can confirm is very soon. Watch out for the announcement.Ohemaa SpeaksStay blessed xx

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