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Exciting News

Good afternoon All

As you can see I have my new logo featured, which I am still indecisive of, but I like it for now so it can stay for a bit while a new developed one will be on its way. I know your all thinking what is the exciting news that I have to share, well lets just say your girl has got herself a youtube channel (Abigail attempts to do a Shoki dance).

I am literally very excited about this new journey, a journey which should have started 12 months ago. I wont lie to you, procrastination was a huge part of it, but also looking back 12 months ago I was not ready at all to release Ohemaa Speaks as a YouTube channel as yet, as I still had to work on a few things. I’m actually enjoying the season I’m in right now I am beginning to  work and pray on a project I have always wanted to do, the transition period is teaching me a lot about myself, especially those that I am working in partnership with and all I have to say is that I am thankful to God, seriously through all the good and bad and the silence, yes silence when people you know choose not to acknowledge your new ventures, but have enjoyed the fruits of you advertising their venture, anyway as I said I am thankful to God, because he allowed me to channel myself in a different way during this season and has drawn me close to the right people that matter.

Ohemaa Speaks was launched on the 1st of December and now has two videos on YouTube and by his Glory, a new venture added to Ohemaa Speaks will be begin next year by his Grace. Oh Lord I am thankful because through your word to Joshua (JOSHUA 1:9) you told him to be strong & courageous and that he should not be afraid, and on that word I was able to step out of fear and start my Ohemaa Speaks YouTube channel and many more ventures to come.

My advice to you all especially those who want to start something new, do not be afraid, Pray about it and allow God to lead and back yourself up with the word, because no one cant take that away from you, for God’s word has been written for you & I. Start writing ideas down, any ideas and walk by faith, you can do it, never listen to anyone who says you cant, because faith moves mountains.

Have a blessed weekend and don’t forget to tune into Ohemaa Speaks

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