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Back With The Full Vim


I am really excited to be back. I fully apologise for leaving you all. I had a hectic schedule which has literally only got back to normal today, like literally.

Well my last post was like two months ago and I know your all wondering where was I, what have I been up to and what is new. Well by the picture you can guess now that I am a happily married woman, Eiiiiii I am somebody’s wife oooo (Doing small shoki at my work desk looool) Praise God, it has been a JOURNEY, which I will definitely document in my next blog on how to overcome challenges with Consistency, and even challenges with your bridal party, trust me you will have some. Yass I am Mrs Mensah now, its funny because my actual maiden name is Abigail Boakye-Mensah and my husband’s surname is just mensah, so I didn’t have to change it too much, just made a little adjustment and took away Boakye.  I got married on the 21st of May it was absolutely beautiful, especially the sermon, I feel extremely proud of myself as I planned my whole wedding myself, to the bridesmaids dresses to the wedding décor, which was not easy at all, but its all done now and I can relax and get back to WORK. Meanwhile being a newlywed is absolutely blissful, like I am having a lot I mean lot of fun looool, marriages are supposed to be fun, I mean you do get married to your best friend, well at least I know I did.

Planning Planning and more Planning is what I was doing for two months and I tell you, it was hard work, even till this day quite a few people are upset that they didn’t get an invite, which initially was not intentional, but pressure ooo pressure, its not easy preparing for your own wedding, let alone planning it yourself, but we give Glory to God because marriage is HONOURABLE, and God saw us through that day and I am very grateful. As a new wife I have had to make a lot of changes within my lifestyle, not big massive ones, but more of adjustments, the main one and probably the only one that’s been a big one has resulted in me following my husband to his church, which is the RIGHT THING to do, as much as I miss my church, nothing is better than being in church with your husband where your family will grow together under one ministry. Its a blessing to attend one church and going together, that is one thing I enjoy the most, but its a different challenge that I am trying so hard to adjust to and its not an easy thing at all. I am literally starting again in a new congregation under different leadership, I have made so many friends in my previous church which have become family and not seeing them every week, hurts a bit (Can you imagine I have tears in my eyes) its painful, I wont lie to you at all, my previous church is my home its all I know since I gave my life to Christ, I don’t really feel down about the move everyday, its just now and again I do think about it and its hard, but on the plus size my new home is glorious, I am amongst wonderful people, and even though procedures may not be the same, I know and trust my spiritual growth will continue to grow, and knowing that my pastor’s are proud of my transition puts me at ease everyday. I’m BLESSED.

Honeymoon Blues. Well my honeymoon has been postponed till the end of the year by myself which then ended up in a joint decision. I was the type of girl that I wanted to be on my honeymoon the following day after my wedding, but then reality kicked in and  as traveller, (I have travelled ooo, I used to go away 3 times a year) I don’t go away without finishing a few projects which I have started and not completed which will not sit with me well, while I am relaxing on a beach and I then have to come home to uncompleted work ahhh come on that’s not my style, as least now I have some time to work on a few things including getting back into the gym (A big challenge that I need to get back into the routine of)Well on the plus size now, Ohemaa Speaks is back and kicking and new things are happening and its all by the Grace of God, I am very thankful for the things that are happening and the things that are about to happen. I will be writing a blog twice a week so please feel free to message and ask questions on the different topics, you would want discussed.

P.s Don’t my bridal party look on fleek, like HELLO we surely gave it them looool.

Have a Blessed week All

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