Ladies in waiting (LIW) is an international women movement that was born out of sheer passion and the need to provide solutions to the various issues plaguing women in the society. LIW tackle issues like; insecurities, bitterness, abandonment, domestic violence, self-esteem issues, and promote self- worth among women. LIW operates under the registered company name Ohemaa Speaks Ltd.

At LIW, we believe women who are yet to connect with their purpose are "LADIES IN WAITING".

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LIW 1st Conference 2017

LIW Networking Event May 2018

LIW 1st Anniversary October 2018

LIW Fundraising Day July 2019

LIW hosted a 5K Sponsored walk for Lupus UK where we raised £415.06 for the charity!

LIW Conference October 2019

Collaboration with Gersfort Eagle Eye, Ghana 2020 

On 9th March, 2020, Abigail Mensah, the founder of Ladies in waiting and the CEO of Gersfort Eagle (Mr. Gershon Dorson) started the workshop session with an Interview at GTV life. During the interview, questions like how, and where the preceeding workshops will take place and what our expectations are, were answered. 

During the interview, Ohemaa Speaks revealed that the purpose of the 4-days workshop was to help and also build the confidence and self esteem of young female adults. 


We visited Great Future Stars Academy on the second day of the workshop. When we arrived, the head teacher of the school gave us the opportunity to speak with the final year female students of the school. Ohemaa Speaks had a talk with them and encouraged them to be the best version of themselves. This was followed by a refreshment package to the students .

Day 2, with Ohemaa speaks was very amazing and very fruitful since students were motivated to take bold steps that will help them achieve their future goals.


Furthermore, we visited a Halifax Ladies FC. Halifax ladies FC is a female football club. This was the third of the workshop. And on this day, these female footballers were motivated through a talk (speech) by Ohemaa Speaks. This was proceeded further presenting to Halifax FC some gifts and refreshments. 


The final day of the workshop went ahead normally. But it was the busiest of all the days. This was because we visited both Appointed Ladies of Appointed rock of God and Agape Ladies Movement of Agape Embassy Ministry. During both sessions, we spoke to the ladies of both movements and encouraged them. After the talk on building self confidence by Ohemaa speaks, there was a time for these ladies to ask questions. All questions were addressed and some ladies received personal and free counseling from us. Similarly, gifts such as books and refreshments were given to both Agape Ladies and Appointed Ladies. 


Before ending the each day’s session we would recap the topics discussed with the ladies. This was done by asking the participants about what they had learnt and how they can apply the principles learnt to their lives.

At the end of each day, we received positive feedback from the visited groups. And this insinuated that working Ohemaa speaks has really imparted the lives of these participants; who happen to be young female adults.

The workshop program was conducted successfully and all the participants took active part these workshop.