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Our Story

Ohemaa Speaks, is a woman with a Godly purpose on a mission to...

Ohemaa Speaks is a brand, a platform where people from around the globe and of indigenous cultures come and collaborate through the means of empowerment and showmanship.

A journey where nothing is perfect but a path which is created to share experiences, visions and the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ which will stir up the hearts and minds of the viewers.

Stereotypes and Stigma' s of our modern day society will be broken down . At Ohemaa Speaks we pride in Real life issues, stories and confessions which will aid and elevate our viewers in knowing that whatever the issues of life are you can make it! 

Ohemaa Speaks is a Advocate of the Word and her lifestyle alongside her significant experiences guide her into giving much needed advice to her audience. 

I always believe people should come as they are(Matthew 11:28) because as a true believer I believe that if you don't come as you are, how would you experience the fruitfulness of life. I can show and testify that being a believer is full of joy where we live normal lives, we will come across challenges but we must never suffer in silence, we must share & overcome with faith. Ohemaa Speaks is that place we were thrive of Liberty! 

A schedule of topics that will be shared on this platform:

1.What challenges do you face when starting something new and how to overcome
2. Depression/Mental Health (Stigma's)
3. Financial matters
4. Marriage
5. Conflict of inner beauty & outer beauty
6. Modern day Africa
7. A Proverbs Series

Other Social and political discussions will be delved into to bring awareness. 
Featured guests would be on my youtube show & podcast from all different walks of life from the music industry to communities leaders and so forth. Interviews would take place and my website will be a platform where my listeners will be able to ask questions which will be answered on the show. ‚Äč

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